Study in USA

Studyng in USA


American, US long name. Hollywood? Hawaii? Yes, America is a country of interest to learn the most popular in the world, including for the citizens of Indonesia. America is the country with the most number of foreign students compared to other countries.

Superpower, the world leader in financial affairs and trade policy in a foreign country and is able to give a major influence on other countries, that's the United States. America plays an important role in the global contemporary culture. America is a country that has varied widely ethnicities and cultures are shaped by migration flow that runs fast and massive.

America is a great country with 50 states that each state offers something different from each other. You can enjoy a variety of landscapes ranging up to life rich metropolis, ranging from small campus to campus super great.

Education in America and offers comprehensive resources and unparalleled. The education system in America is on the quality and flexibility of the real world so that American graduates are able to realize their own version of the American dream.

America has a diverse institutes and educational institutions as well as providers of courses to suit your interests and talents. Both public and private universities offer the same level of educational programs of non-degree, Bachelor (S1), until Postgraduate (S2 and S3). Tuition at state campuses in America are cheaper than private universities, it is no wonder if the number of students in a classroom on campus tend to be more country than a private campus.

There is also a Community College program that offers vocational courses for two years. This program is suitable for you who want to increase the technical capabilities within an industry.

Also there are educational institutions that held a vocational skills development program. This program is designed to prepare graduates who are ready to plunge into the world of industry.

Learn English ? America offers a great opportunity for you who want to improve their English. No matter what level your English language skills, America has a myriad of agencies that are ready to help you fluent in English.

The higher education system in the United States vary widely, although a bit much with the education system in Indonesia. In America, public and private universities offer the same courses (S1) and Postgraduate (S2 / S3). Public universities often charge lower studies with a relatively large number of students, while private universities charge more but the number of students in one class less.

American Community College held a program that usually lasts two years. This program provides a recognized certificate for each of its graduates and tend to focus on the development of practical and vocational skills are ready to plunge in the world of work.

There are also educational institutions that hold vocational programs are designed to produce graduates who are ready to plunge into the world of work, especially for the fields of practical and technical. No less interesting is the short courses to improve their English.


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